Transportial enables logistics service providers to configure all of their transport management solutions and operations in one simple, user-friendly, customizable interface.
What does Transportial do?
Transportial provides a reliable, dependable, and user-friendly transportation management solution, based on the Open Trip Model. You can do just about anything from estimating your trips and managing your finances to increasing your efficiency with a single dashboard display interface that allows you to make real-time modifications that provide you with critical information enabling you to make better decisions.We believe in an open communication system and are wholeheartedly contributing to the betterment of the industry when it comes to technology. If we all become better, the industry will get better and ultimately that is the goal of Transportial.

Why Choose

Choose progress. Choose efficiency. Choose a system that adapts to the unique demands of your business. With Transportial, step away from outdated integrations and embrace a seamless, multimodal approach that links every aspect of your logistics seamlessly. Our platform is the epitome of efficiency, designed to simplify your finances and consolidate your freight management tasks into one comprehensive system.

Transportial isn't just a solution; it's a logistics partner that grows with you. Scalable, flexible, and innovative, our platform is tailored to fit your business, not the other way around. Reimagine what's possible in logistics with Transportial
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Meet the Innovators Behind Transportial

At the helm are Don de Jong, a seasoned transportation strategist, and Thomas Kolmans, a maestro in software development. Together, they envisioned a platform that would shatter the norms of transportation management systems. Transportial is the embodiment of that vision, crafted through years of meticulous research and development. Today, we stand as a united front, each team member pouring their expertise into a platform that reaches across the globe, empowering companies to elevate their logistics operations.

Don De Jong

Founder & CEO

Thomas Kolmans

Founder & CTO

Naima Farooq

Product Manager

Sohaib Siddiqui

Head Of Marketing


Our talent is what makes our organisation so special and innovative. We’re always looking for the best people. Are you not seeing a role but still want to apply? Apply at info@transportial.com