Integration & transparency: Paving the way for digitalization and decarbonization in transportation

The digitalization of transportation is a hot topic right now. One of the major challenges in road transportation is the vast number of players involved (shippers, logistics/transport firms, trucking companies, organizations, customs, and government agencies, ports, etc.). These players want and need to be interconnected across the entire supply chain, hence the importance of effective communication.

At Transportial, we realize that not every transport company is equipped to provide efficient communication without producing a considerable amount of unnecessary paperwork. This is why we step in with the integration of transport systems, a crucial service that we offer.


We are proud that Don Trucking utilizes our dedicated software to integrate with their client systems, shippers, marketplaces, and port community systems. Our latest achievement with Don Trucking is the successful integration of our transportation system with Portbase. This has brought significant improvements to container logistics management from Dutch ports.

With the aid of our internationally recognized ICT standard OpenTripModel, we have streamlined data-sharing processes between logistics companies, ports, and government authorities, reducing paperwork, harmonizing systems, and minimizing delays.


Increased Efficiency: Our system prevents double-entry of manual data in separate systems and shares real-time information. This accelerates processes, decreases administrative tasks, and minimizes errors or misunderstandings, resulting in more efficient and timely transportation operations.

Smooth Collaboration: The integration allows for an automatically generated and adjusted TAR, based on real-time visibility. The collaboration has resulted in faster handling times and improved overall supply chain efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Service: Our integration enables real-time tracking of transport operations, allowing clients of Don Trucking to access accurate and current information. This level of transparency improves communication, tracking, and problem-solving capabilities, thereby enhancing customer experience.

This integration represents a significant move towards optimizing container road transport from the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This also supports Don Trucking’s aim for digitalization, helping to reduce empty kilometres and idle time, and contributing to their goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. The integration has a considerable impact considering the scale of Don Trucking’s operations, every document and call saved leads to significant operational improvements and CO2 emission savings.

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