Unique transport consortium has received generous support within the REACT-EU programme

In support of innovative and renewable technology initiatives Transportial, Waypoint, Samskip and BCTN will develop, test and implement revolutionary software solutions supported by the OTMS system.

Ulft, Netherlands, 28, April, 2022. TA market consortium initiated by Waypoint and Transportial, in collaboration with Samskip and BCTN are pleased to announce that they have been awarded € 1.3 million funding within the REACT-EU programme to develop intelligent ideas into software services through new algorithms and functionalities.


With the results of this funding, Transportial will develop a new, extremely sophisticated, algorithm resulting in software that will substantially reduce empty running thanks to real-time planning efficiency and optimalisation on transportation auctions. It will offer a controlled planning process, significant higher profit per transported container and a modal shift from road to rail and ship with which carbon footprints can be reduced significantly. The effects will be beneficial for Eastern Netherlands with a huge transport industry and inland sipping on the river IJssel, Twente Canal and Zwarte Water creating additional employment. Eventually the whole transport industry in the Netherlands, Europe, and the world will benefit. The tool will be a stand-alone solution that can be used by any software, Transportial will use its development skills to create the tool and has the opportunity to be the first to integrate it into its innovative OTMS.

“This funding helps us to make a real push forward in development offering the transport industry a completely new TMS which is optimized for the efficient and simple integration of multiple modes of transport. his investment will allow us to further develop our software solutions and we expect to grow our customer base exponentially.”Dennis Stenfert, Chief Executive Officer at Transportial,
„I am proud to be part of this excellent example of cooperation between research, industry and government, putting the best of all partners forward to make this new software to a success for the region, the nation and the environment.”Msc. Casper Petiet, Waypoint Managing Director

Samskip annually transports 850.000 TEU within a well-developed network using tri-modal transport (road, rail and water). As Samskip faces an ever-growing shortage of planners, increasing costs, a shortage of capacity and a need for more sustainable transport joining the consortium and testing a ‘top-down’ planning tool.

“The design of the algorithm is promising, and we are pleased with the elimination of empty running and the efficiency it provides.”Frédéric Leca (COO) SAMSKIP

BCTN operates 11 inland shipping terminals, where digitalisation will support optimal vessel planning and continuous transport.

“This funding will make it possible for the combination Samskip, Waypoint, Transportial and BCTN, to start working on the developing of a state of the art, integrated process. It will lead to reducing inefficiencies in the end-to-end transport process, and will therefore also contribute to our Green Way to Ship. Four strong partners can make the difference in enhancing and improving transport transparency and elimination of waste in transport processes.”Joop Mijland (CEO), BTCN