Transportial features revolutionary new Transport Management System (TMS) at Hannover Messe from May 30 until June 2nd.

With REACT-EU fund just assigned Transportial goes international and launches its new TMS at Hannover Messe in the ‘Netherlands Innovation Square’, Hall 003, stand A20, (B38)

Transportial, a new and revolutionary TMS system, is proud to be present at the Hannover Messe starting at May 30th in Hannover, Germany. After been assigned a substantial fund by REACT-EU we can now excel our growth path and present our new TMS system to the German market and abroad.

Hannover Messe

Transportial TMS is completely flexible in its set-up, customization and configuration. It is designed based on the essence of transportation and with the user’s needs in mind. By using an open platform software (OTM) it is extremely flexible, scalable, and adaptable to future developments. Transportial TMS has an optimal balance between complexity and user friendliness. Primary target group for Transportial TMS is the global transport market.

The advantages of Transportial TMS are:

  • Easy integration, via plug & play modalities. Therefore, easy to connect and communicate with other external parties, customs, etc. Immediate updates to all participants for new requirements from the EU Mobility Package such as cabotage and home journeys and gives an overview of your carbon footprint and an option to compensate it.
  • It is an All-in-One tool. Multiple entities, country offices possible in one tool, all communication integrated. Several companies at home and abroad can use the same TMS system and work together. Also, all communication via e-mail and chat are integrated in the same tool.
  • Scalable and flexible. Easily set up the system yourself. Because of the light, simple interface and plug & play design, the system can be set up according to one’s own needs without large investments and can also be adapted to new circumstances. All information available in real-time. Therefore, maximum efficiency can be achieved. Also it is Cloud-based.

As the software offers planning, estimating of trips and managing finances in a single dashboard display interface we look forward to launch it on the German market as it answers all the hot buttons this market asks for; efficiency, flexibility, cost reduction and sustainability.

Seamless integration

This new standard offers seamless integration with external data sources and is more stable as any competitor. Transportial TMS enables system administrators to configure all their transport management solutions in one user-friendly interface. By combining ease of use with industry-leading features, Transportial TMS enables seamless integration with third parties, thus providing optimized service levels, and automate processes so it can complete logistics operations faster. Also, it reduces administrative efforts and increases efficiency to oversee real-time all fleet aspects such as drivers and trucks.

“Attending the Hannover Messe in this stage of the company is an important next step. Our new TMS system landed its first client, received substantial funding by REACT-EU that offers us the possibility to further develop and now this option to show the capability of our TMS system the Hannover Messe. All in our first year! This holds a great promise for the future”.Dennis Stenfert, Chief Executive Officer at Transportial

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